Old Family Photos

My enthusiasm for researching my family history ebbed away this summer.  Close DNA Matches not replying to my messages.  People breaking promises by not sending me a copy of some old family photos. And ancestry brick walls not ready to fall down. My genealogy batteries ran out of the juice of curiosity. Interest Recharged Over…Continue Reading “Recharged By The Past & Present”

Researching My Family Tree

I am an unashamed family history addict.  If family history crops up in casual conversation then the chances are that I will launch a passionate pitch telling people that they should learn their family’s story. Researching my family tree is one of the best things I decided to do. In this blog post I will share…Continue Reading “Researching My Family Tree: What I Have Learned”

Dad's Briefcase

Keeping A Family Archive In my house, there is a cupboard where I keep my family archive.  In the cupboard, there are documents, a few photo albums, and some old cine camera reels that converting to a digital format. The most important thing I have in the family archive is my Dad’s briefcase. Dad left…Continue Reading “Keeping A Family Archive: My Dad’s Briefcase”