Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles

As a family history addict, I am always looking to find new sources of records to add more flesh to the bones of my ancestors.  Searching old newspaper archives is key to doing this.  I am finding my ancestors in old newspaper articles. My Grandfather Thomas Sherry‘s cousin Michael Sherry (1898-1967) features in lots of…Continue Reading “Finding My Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles”

Patrick Coyle 1905-1985

During early to mid 1980s, Mum and I always visited 14 Strathord Street, Sandyhills, Glasgow. The home of my Grandparents Patrick Coyle and Christina Toll. My Grandmother Christina Toll/Toal (1910-1991) sat at one end of the living room. Frail but sound in mind with a typical Glaswegian sense of humour. At the other end of…Continue Reading “Patrick Coyle 1905-1985: The Hard Man From Kilsyth”

Michael Sherry Centre Holytown

My 1st Cousin twice removed was Holytown resident Michael Sherry 1898 -1967.  Michael was a prominent public servant for the Lanarkshire village of Holytown and the former Lanark County Council. Michael Sherry’s life was unknown to living relatives on my side of the Sherry clan.  Researching family history is enlightening. Here is the story of…Continue Reading “Michael Sherry Of Holytown 1898-1967”