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Genealogy 2018

My genealogy research turned out to be a mixed bag this year. Oh, I cant complain really. Every year since I began the journey into my family history has yielded positive and negative results.

2018 was no exception. Here is a brief review of my research during this year.

Genealogy Positives

Old Family Photos

The first positive genealogy moment of 2018 came thanks to this blog. A previously unknown relative found Sherry Ancestry via the post about my Great Grandfather Arthur Sherry 1857-1918.

I’m always keen for other branches of my extended family to reach out to me. My relative shared with me some photos of his Grandfather Michael Sherry 1894-1967, my Grandfather’s older brother.

To receive old family photos is a joy. Particularly this fantastic photo of who we believe is Great Uncle Michael.

Old Family Photos: A positive in my 2018 Genealogy year
This chap is probably my Great Uncle Michael Sherry 1894-1967

I wrote about this photo in an earlier post and asking fashion historian/family photograph expert Jayne Shrimpton to analyse it.

Therefore it fuels my hope that there are more old photos out there. And one that features my Grandfather.

On the subject of old family photos…

A Coyle Genealogy Surprise

Later on in 2018, a 2nd Cousin on Mum’s side got in touch through Facebook.

What my relative shared was something I did not expect to find in my genealogy research this year. A photo featuring my Great Grandparents Francis Coyle (1866 -1939) & Martha Haggerty (1866-1952)

Genealogy Find Of 2018  Francis Coyle & Martha Haggerty
My Great Grandparents Francis Coyle & Martha Haggerty

My Coyle genealogy work occasionally comes up with photographic gifts. To see my Great Grandparents was the genealogy highlight of 2018.

Research Recharged

My research was recharged this year after a break. My interest in genealogy waned. Thanks to a curious young relative interested in our Sherry family story.

Now if only others shared the same enthusiasm..

Having a fresh pair of eyes looking over my research makes all the difference.

Genealogy Negatives

Closed Doors & Brick Walls

2018 brought more closed doors from extended family not interested in our family history. Occasionally, the closed doors leave me feeling down for a short time. However it’s a common theme for many family addicts.

A genealogist looking into their own family history may uncover details about their family that others wish should be buried in cemeteries. For some the past is another country.

There are brick walls that can be pulled down through research. But when emotions are part of a wall’s structure.. Well, one must acknowledge that and move on.

Ancestry DNA

My close cousin DNA matches tapered off by summertime. I gained many 4th Cousins. How we are related remains a mystery. However 2018 continued to confirm that distant DNA cousin matches respond in a positive fashion when contacted.

Im still banking on DNA to break down the Ireland McSherry/Sherry ancestry. And answer who exactly was Arthur McSherry : my 3rd Great Grandfather.

Losing Relatives

Time decided to sever close links to my Sherry family’s past during 2018. Three of my Aunts passed away. Although we were not close, it has not sunk in they are not with us anymore.

My Aunts remembered a close family from long ago who would meet up once a week in Dalness Street, Tollcross. They knew the people I have spent years researching.

I met with my Aunt Alice a couple of years ago. She brought to life the people I only know through records at Scotland’s People. Relatives who forever stand still in old photographs.

My Aunt and I spent an afternoon talking about family and life in general. I had hoped to visit her and another Aunt during 2018. I was too late making arrangements.

Therefore 2018 confirmed I spend more time with dead people than the living. Perhaps I should change this during 2019.

A big thank you to Edwina Tonner, Neal McLaughin and Sam McManus Shanks for photos and for helping to recharge my genealogy batteries.

Family History addict since 2012. Now documenting my findings and insights online.

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