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Looking back at my notes, 2017 was an interesting year for my research.  Here are my key highlights, or lowlights depending on how one views them:


Ancestry DNA

I took the Ancestry DNA Test which opened up new lines of potential research. For my mother’s ancestry, it has assisted me in proving some theories I have had for a couple of years, and now I can trace my Mother’s family back to 15th Century Scotland.  That will provide me with lots of exciting new family history projects in the years to come.

Most of my 2017 DNA Matches were distant and tenuous.   Many testers were not actively researching their family tree.  I assume that those testers were just curious about checking their ethnicity or were given a DNA Test as a gift.

McSherry Ancestry

2017 did not break down my main ancestry brick wall:  Who were Arthur McSherry’s parents in Ireland?  There are some records relating to Clonfeacle in the late 18th Century but I can’t be sure these relate to my ancestor.

I hope in future that DNA will yield concrete answers. So frustrating!

Fewer Discoveries

I made fewer discoveries in my Sherry ancestry than in previous years.  Perhaps this is normal for all amateur family historians who have researched for several years?  Those discoveries came courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive.

Living Relative Challenges

In 2017, researching my Mother’s ancestry got me in touch with helpful living relatives. On my Dad’s side, I contacted eleven Sherry relatives who are descendants of my Grandfather’s siblings in 2017.

Unfortunately only one replied and the conversation abruptly ended.

I’m being candid but trying to forge an open line of communication with Sherry cousins has been so frustrating.  2017 was the worst year for this.  I have to keep reminding myself that not everybody is interested in family history.

And I have to respect that and move on.

My Research Hopes For 2018

My new gel pen is full of ink,  and my notebook is fresh out of its wrapping paper, its smooth acid-free pages are ready to be filled in with all sorts of family research notes.  So, here is what I hope 2018 will bring:

Family Photograph Search

I love old photographs.   I have a good collection of my Mother’s family so my focus has been on finding photos of Sherry ancestors.

A few years ago  I was made aware that there are copies of Sherry family photos still around. Trouble is, my side of our clan lost their copy of key photos.

I would like to obtain photographs of all Sherry relatives to build a family history archive for future generations.  It’s an unlikely aspiration,  so I would be happy with obtaining other photos of my Grandfather Sherry and most importantly, the family group photo of my Great Grandparents and their children that was taken during World War One.

A copy of that photo was lost about fifty years ago and was last seen at my Grandparents house at 104 Tynecastle Street, Springboig.

Can you help?

McSherry Breakthrough

To get beyond Arthur McSherry and find out about his ancestry is a tall order.  I live in hope.  I still believe that DNA will provide that information.

Connecting With Living Relatives

Well, I hope it will be better than 2017.  Living relatives are key to some of my projects within my Sherry ancestry. It would be fantastic to speak with someone who is as keen as me!

What are your genealogy hopes for 2018?

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