The Sherry Family Tree Album Project

Do you have family links to the Sherry family who lived in Glasgow’s East End?

If the answer to my question is ” Yes!” then I have a small request:  Dig out your old photo albums.  Do you have photographs of our Sherry relatives that you can share with me?

I have a growing collection of family photos from Mother’s side. Relatives have been very good to share old photos that my Grandparents lost or did not know of.

On my Sherry side, the photographic record is next to nothing.

And I need your help to change that.

Thomas Sherry & Family

Thomas Sherry 1954
Thomas Sherry 1954

My side of the Sherry family tree only has this poor photo of my Grandfather Thomas Sherry (1901-1955)  taken at his daughter Annie’s wedding in 1954.

I am aware that is was not the only photograph of Thomas Sherry taken in his lifetime. My Dad’s siblings lost other photos over the years. But Sherry relatives had copies of photos that featured Thomas.

Grandfather’s siblings who survived childhood were:

James Sherry1884 -1962Married Mary Christie
Peter Sherry1886-1918Married Agnes Robertson
Arthur Sherry1888-1958Married 1. Catherine Christie, 2. Sarah Graham
Michael Sherry1894-1967Married Mary Paul
John Sherry1896-1947Married Agnes Lyle Stewart
Patrick Sherry1898-1917No Spouse
Alice Sherry1903-1972Married Robert Harkins McLaughlin

The majority of Sherry relatives from this Generation lived around the Shettleston and Tollcross areas in Glasgow’s East End.

Dalness Street, just off Tollcross Road was a key area for the Sherry family. Relatives lived in that street from the mid-1910s until the late 1970s.

Sherry Family During World War One

I found two poor microfiche Glasgow Evening Times WW1 Roll Of Honour scans of Patrick and Peter who fell during the First World War:

Older Sherry family remember a group photo of my Grandfather, his siblings along with parents Arthur Sherry (1857-1918) and Jane Mallin (1860-1944)

Our branch of the Sherry family tree lost its copy decades ago.

Are these faces and names familiar?  Send me a message.