All families have ancestors who did good before leaving this earth. They should be remembered and applauded. There are of course, deceased relatives for reasons only known to them, did not do much good in life, causing family wounds that may not heal. I advise anyone looking into their ancestry, to prepare for the following:…Continue Reading “Reopening Old Family Wounds”

contacting lost relatives

If you are a family history addict like me, one day during your research, you will become curious about contacting lost relatives. I’ve read about various strategies on doing this.  And I have tried them with varying levels of success.  For a while I have toyed with the idea of using Cemeteries to make contact…Continue Reading “Contacting Living Relatives Via Cemeteries”

Researching My Family Tree

I am an unashamed family history addict.  If family history crops up in casual conversation then the chances are that I will launch a passionate pitch telling people that they should learn their family’s story. Researching my family tree is one of the best things I decided to do. In this blog post I will share…Continue Reading “Researching My Family Tree: What I Have Learned”

Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles

As a family history addict, I am always looking to find new sources of records to add more flesh to the bones of my ancestors.  Searching old newspaper archives is key to doing this.  I am finding my ancestors in old newspaper articles. My Grandfather Thomas Sherry‘s cousin Michael Sherry (1898-1967) features in lots of…Continue Reading “Finding My Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles”

Dad's Briefcase

Keeping A Family Archive In my house, there is a cupboard where I keep my family archive.  In the cupboard, there are documents, a few photo albums, and some old cine camera reels that converting to a digital format. The most important thing I have in the family archive is my Dad’s briefcase. Dad left…Continue Reading “Keeping A Family Archive: My Dad’s Briefcase”