contacting lost relatives

If you are a family history addict like me, one day during your research, you will become curious about contacting lost relatives. I’ve read about various strategies on doing this.  And I have tried them with varying levels of success.  For a while I have toyed with the idea of using Cemeteries to make contact…Continue Reading “Contacting Living Relatives Via Cemeteries”

Researching My Family Tree

I am an unashamed family history addict.  If family history crops up in casual conversation then the chances are that I will launch a passionate pitch telling people that they should learn their family’s story. Researching my family tree is one of the best things I decided to do. In this blog post I will share…Continue Reading “Researching My Family Tree: What I Have Learned”

Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles

As a family history addict, I am always looking to find new sources of records to add more flesh to the bones of my ancestors.  Searching old newspaper archives is key to doing this.  I am finding my ancestors in old newspaper articles. My Grandfather Thomas Sherry‘s cousin Michael Sherry (1898-1967) features in lots of…Continue Reading “Finding My Ancestors In Old Newspaper Articles”

Dad's Briefcase

Keeping A Family Archive In my house, there is a cupboard where I keep my family archive.  In the cupboard, there are documents, a few photo albums, and some old cine camera reels that converting to a digital format. The most important thing I have in the family archive is my Dad’s briefcase. Dad left…Continue Reading “Keeping A Family Archive: My Dad’s Briefcase”