My Story

I have been researching my family history since 2012. I began by focusing on my Sherry ancestry. Then further down the line my Mother’s lineage.  Previously, I knew little about who came before me.  Mostly fragments of stories about my Mother’s Ancestry.

Before I began my ancestry journey, if you asked me to name all of my Great Grandparents, I would look at you with a puzzled face. I could not answer your question.

Today I can name my 10th Great Grandparent who was born in the 1580s.

TreeAs I began to learn more about my family’s story, it quickly became my main hobby.

When I had spare time I would be visiting records, researching online, asking relatives to share their memories and stories.

Much to the frustration of those who have no interest in genealogy.

Blog Purpose

  • To share my findings with amateur and pro genealogists. 
  • To be a resource for family and lost relatives who are curious to learn more about our ancestry.
  • To share my thoughts on family tree research and occasionally offer advice.

A Journey

Researching my family history has been a fantastic but occasionally frustrating experience.  It has been a journey that has led to walking in the footsteps of those who came before, visiting remarkable and not so remarkable places, being in contact with lost relatives, and paying my respects in cemeteries across the country and beyond.

It has helped me understand who I am.

I hope that you find value in my research.  Perhaps it will inspire you to start researching your own family history?

And get in touch if we are related.

Stephen Sherry