Michael Sherry Centre Holytown

My 1st Cousin twice removed was Holytown resident Michael Sherry 1898 -1967.  Michael was a prominent public servant for the Lanarkshire village of Holytown and the former Lanark County Council. Michael Sherry’s life was unknown to living relatives on my side of the Sherry clan.  Researching family history is enlightening. Here is the story of…Continue Reading “Michael Sherry Of Holytown 1898-1967”


Long before I arrived on the scene, my Dad reached the rank of Sergeant during a nine-year stint in the Royal Engineers.  Later in life, he described himself as a proud old soldier. Every November my family gathered to watch Remembrance Sunday on television. The highlight was the ever-dwindling group of proud veterans marching past…Continue Reading “The Boy Who Never Came Home: Patrick Sherry 1898-1917”

Thomas Sherry 1954

When I was a young boy, Dad and I would occasionally go to St Peter’s Cemetery, Dalbeth in Glasgow’s East End.   Other Dads would take their sons to the football, or go for a fish supper. Maybe a trip to the swimming. But those activities were of no interest to my father. He couldn’t swim…Continue Reading “Thomas Sherry: The Quiet Man From Longriggend”

Are you a Sherry who has family links with Glasgow’s East End? If the answer to my question is “yes’ then it is likely Arthur Sherry is the key ancestor of your Sherry family tree. My Great Grandfather was the first child of Patrick Sherry (1834-1902) and Alice Drummond (1837-1923)  He was born at High Church, Paisley on 31st…Continue Reading “Arthur Sherry 1857 -1918”


Before I started looking into my family’s past, I knew about the family connection to the former coal mining village of Longriggend.  It was the main thing I knew about my Grandfather. He lived there before moving to Glasgow. And that’s all I knew. Longriggend In 1882/84, Frances Groome’s Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland describes the village: Longriggend, a place…Continue Reading “Longriggend Connection”


Looking back at my notes, 2017 was an interesting year for my research.  Here are my key highlights, or lowlights depending on how one views them: 2017 Ancestry DNA I took the Ancestry DNA Test which opened up new lines of potential research. For my mother’s ancestry, it has assisted me in proving some theories…Continue Reading “Family Tree Research Hopes For 2018”


The Brave Sherry Family Of Scotland My eldest brother believed that our Sherry history was part of the fabric of Scotland’s often turbulent and bloodied history. For reasons only known to himself, he believed we had ancestors who fought with William Wallace at Bannockburn. Moving forward, our 18th Century relatives were Jacobites who escaped or…Continue Reading “Arthur McSherry: From Ireland To Glasgow”